Kim Natura: Chests full of fragrance and memories

Many experts agree that the sense of smell is the most powerful of all five senses. It takes just one second for smells to evoke reminiscences and memories in us. The scent of lavender will take many of us back to the summer and the sea, while the intense scent of ripe grapes will reveal to us the fullness of taste of late summer or early fall. Many want to have such pleasant scents at hand, and perhaps the simplest way to have them always with you is to have them in the form of natural, handmade soaps as they are made in the plants of the family company KIM Natura. These fragrant little chests filled with memories are 100-percent natural, and each of them brings their story about lavender, lemon, olive and rose.
All products are handmade – from mixing the ingredients to pouring the mixture into silicone moulds to packaging in wrapping material they themselves also design and produce. Nevenka Novosel, Head of Production, reveals that producing a soap takes about an hour.
“The process itself begins by heating glycerin in a boiler. We put essential oils and food colours in the melted glycerin – it’s all we add, so our soaps are absolutely natural.
After that we pour them into moulds, where they remain for about 45 minutes and send them onwards for cutting, dehydration and packaging. Then they are ready for delivery”, says Nevenka Novosel, who creates the story of the natural cosmetics from the vicinity of Samobor along with her 11 colleagues. Daily production of handmade soaps alone reaches up to 2500 pieces. Their product range also includes creams, scented salts, essential oils, and other products.

Kim Natura Cosmetics was created in 2012 on the initiative of father Kruno and daughter Mia Korade, who wanted to offer a special product to the market. “It started quite inadvertently; at the beginning, only Mia and I were working and that was, so as to say ‘from the garage.’ I used my knowledge of trade and marketing, and initially, we offered our products along the Adriatic coast, which was really made step by step. The thing we cared about as we will always do, is the product quality, we use a high-quality base. It is our perseverance with regard to quality that has proved to be very good, and the market has recognised this,” said Kruno Korade, who performs the managerial and advisory functions in KIM Natura.

The French want their lavender as well

That these are products that can compete with the world’s top brands is shown by their exhibition at this year’s Bisou International Trade Show in Nice. And it is not a small matter to offer a lavender-based product, the one from Croatia to the French, whose lavender is an international brand.

“It is quite difficult to gain access to these markets, especially as we come from a small country like Croatia. And, anyway, the big countries like Italy or France look on us with superiority. We were even afraid a little that we will be ignored at the Nice show. We came into a world centre of lavender, but we did a very good job with our lavender products. Interestingly, after our presentation that we had prepared very well, the French reacted excellently to our products. The result is 35 interested buyers from France who want to work with us”, said Kruno who plans to enter another very interesting market, Spain. Actually, in September this year, they will offer their natural products at the Intergift Show in Madrid, one of the leading trade shows of gifts and souvenirs. It is important to point out that their quality has already been recognised by customers from the Far East, specifically in South Korea, especially when it comes to face creams.

By Ilijana Grigić

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