Face cleaning soap? Oh yes!

A cube filled with health and beauty

For years, solid soaps were known as “skin dryers” and people began to turn more and more towards liquid soaps. But in recent years, this trend has changed. Here is the reason! 

With the arrival of a new generation of solid soaps, these cosmetic preparations are back “on the stage” and have picked up well-deserved praises.

Why use them?

Soaps made of natural ingredients have proven to be perfect cosmetics for cleaning face and body. Kim natura soaps prepared from selected herbs and natural ingredients will help your skin restore elasticity, energy, vibrancy and youthful glow. Thanks to their composition, your skin will be nourished at the biggest wind, at low temperatures, after sunbathing…Due to their great effect, and because of aromas that delight, these soaps have quickly become a mandatory component of many cosmetic bags.
Therefore, you will not make a mistake whatsoever if you opt for one of the KIM Natura handmade soaps.



How to use them?

There is really no great philosophy behind them, these soaps are 100% natural, they clean the skin and pores very well, giving it nutrients.

If you use them only for the face, wet your hands in the morning and in the evening, apply soap on them and rub your face. Rinse it with water and then apply cream to the cleansed face. Make sure that the ingredients of the soap suit your skin type. For example, lemon is not fit for dry skin, but olive soap will nourish it and return its glow.
If you want to use the soap on your body, rub your skin with one of the soaps while taking a shower. Having dried the skin, apply body lotion.

The use of these soaps is adapted to the fast life rhythm and there are no special procedures for protecting the soap or the ways in which they must be treated. You can store soap in a plastic soap box, and simply rinse it with lukewarm water before each use.

Each soap has its own medicinal values ​​and characteristics, and each comes in different packages – for everyday use and in a gift-package. For more information about the KIM Natura soaps, visit our web shop.

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