From family idea to recognizable brand

It has become quite a challenge to live a relaxed, tranquil, happy and fulfilled life in today’s world. Kim Natura will help you tread through all the days and obligations in front of you more aware, more relaxed and more natural. Our products are…

  1. Natural

    Cosmetics made from ingredients that are friendly to your skin as well as the entire planet, and not one item has ever been and will ever be tested on animals.

    A variety of products, over a hundred of them, which are in front of you in the web shop do not contain parabens or any other harmful substance.

  2. 2.Unique

    All the products are hand-made – from mixing the ingredients, their pouring in silicone moulds to packaging in containers that we also design and develop on our own.

    Owing to that every customer will receive a unique product that will take care of their health, or take them back to times of happiness, sunshine and holiday spent in Croatia.

  1. A unique Croatian souvenir

    Among our products you will find scented soaps, creams, balms, and souvenirs made of herbs with the most beautiful scents that will take you through our coast, and the continent as well, in a few moments.

    The products are divided into categories of souvenirs, cosmetics and products for the peace and harmony of your home. And by the plants which Croatia is famous for – lavender, olives,
    lemon and many others.

    Healthy properties of these plants will nourish your body, and their scents will be reward for your senses.

  2. The fruit of the family tradition

    Kim Natura cosmetics was created in 2012 in the Korade family house, in the town of Samobor, near Zagreb, on the initiative of the father and daughter who wanted to create a product that will represent Croatia in the world.

    Thus, based on proven preparations that they themselves loved, they created a story in which they interwove love for the nature and healthy life and the symbols of the Croatian coast and mountains.

    The story that has developed for years has generated a tested and recognisable brand as we can buy today.

  3. Present across Croatia

    Handmade soaps were first to be made, each telling a different story – about lavender, lemon, olive and some fruit… They were mixed carefully and slowly in small containers, poured into silicone moulds and stored in wooden boxes in which they were first sent to souvenir shops and later on stands or in shops along the coast.

    Afterwards, the offer of products increasingly spread and went even further. Today, you can find our products in a number of stores in the country, and since 2017, at the Kim Natura shop in Baška Voda.