Souvenir Spices

Medicinal herbs, salt, tea

We have placed the best of Croatia in handmade wooden stands. Natural fragrant teas, aromatic salt with herbs or pepper with unique flavour and spices will enrich your meals reminding you of the wealth of the Croatian cuisine…


Guarantee of youthful appearance

KIM Natura balms are made for sensitive lips. They will soothe and regenerate naturally chapped and irritated lips, and will give your lips sensuous appearance, shine and keep them young and healthy…

Scents of the Mediterranean

Unique souvenirs

Soaps from Croatian medicinal plants and the sweetest fruits are intended for the care of the entire body. Every piece of soap is handmade and gently placed in boxes made of…

Fragrant lavender

Products that love your skin

The new line of natural products of the KIM Natura brand with the scent and flavour of lavender is made of aromatic purple flowers grown on Croatian islands.

Latest news

Kim Natura has broken into the French market, Spain is next!

Kim Natura corporation made a grand entrance into the new year presenting itself in all its glory to international customers. Taking part at the 44th Bisou fair in Nice, France ( sharing space with a hundred of products and a total of 200 exhibitors, the fragrant souvenirs, soaps, oils and balms from Samobor have earned […]

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Nor did we go unnoticed in the Spanish market…

2019 was the year when Kim Natura Ltd., introduced itself to the world by expanding its operations in Europe. Following our successful participation at the BISOU Trade fair in Nice, on the French Riviera, we have won over the Spanish market with our products as well. At one of the most visited fairs in that […]

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Calendula officinalis

Beautiful orange petals have anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and heal wounds.
We use the dry flower of the plant.

Almond oil

Prunus dulcis

Protects brain and heart, helps you in losing weight, gives minerals, vitamins and elasticity to the skin.
We use it as oil.


Vitis vinifera

It has irresistible colour and scent. It prevents ageing and inflammation, cleans the blood, increases metabolism …

We use the fruit.


Lavandula angustifolia
The Mediterranean queen acts anti-inflammatorily, soothes and regenerates the body.
We use the dry flower and oil of the plant.


Olea europaea
Widely known, the olive cleanses the body, protects it from diseases, and restores shine and health to the skin and hair.
We use it as oil.


Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary – stimulates hair growth, relieves cold and flu, protects against stress and pathogenic microorganisms.

We use the leaf of the plant.


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